Hannie Tijman enjoys challenges, ‘sinking her teeth’ into many kinds of translation assignments. Over the years, she has also developed specialized knowledge in specific areas, each of course with its own jargon:

  • Theology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Software
  • General (Young Adults)



Hannie Tijman is a seasoned translator of theologically oriented texts such as theological articles, guides and (study) books for various Dutch publishing houses, including Boaz Multimedia Veenendaal, Maatkamp Zelhem, Plateau Barneveld and Royal Jongbloed Heerenveen. Hannie also provides translation services for Christian organization such as IKEG (the Dutch branch of Child Evangelism Fellowship, CEF), and De Herikon (the Dutch branch of Bible-Centred Ministries, BCM).




In the general texts category, Tijman Vertalingen contributes to travel guides, websites, brochures, IT- and HR-related articles, and much more. Assignments such as these come from clients in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and, of course, The Netherlands. In the past five years, Hannie has begun to explore a new field, the translation of Young Adult books for two publishing houses: Callenbach and Karmijn.


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