Here’s a sample of satisfied clients and assignments we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.


Books (from English into Dutch):

  • Why Evangelize Children? A manual to help children’s workers see and understand the primary goal of their ministry – the salvation of boys and girls (Dr. Sam Doherty)
  • Child Evangelism? Yes! How? A simple manual for starting and advanced children’s workers (Sam Doherty)
  • Sharing the Gospel with Children (Esther Zimmerman)
  • In Step with the Master Teacher (Esther Zimmerman)
  • Living Water (Brother Yun, the Heavenly Man)
  • Baptism in the Early Church (Hendrik F. Stander & Johannes P. Louw)
  • The Jesus Manifesto: restoring the supremacy and sovereignty of Jesus Christ (Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola)
  • The ESV Study Bible (in a team)
  • Ruth and Billy Graham: the legacy of a couple (Hanspeter Nuesch), in collaboration with Stephen Teeuwen
  • Fruitful Living (Jessy Penn Lewis)
  • Revelation 13: Satan’s Last Victory (Arno Froese)
  • Fighting Satan: Knowing His Weaknesses, Strategies, and Defeat (Joel R. Beeke)
  • When a National Forgets God: 7 lessons we must learn from Nazi Germany (Erwin W. Lutzer)


Books (from Dutch into English):

  • Israel, The Apple of God’s Eye (Hendrik Schipper)
  • A Father’s Letters to His Children (Jaap van ’t Veer)


Young Adults:

  • Kingdom of Simplicity (Holly Payne)
  • Crusade (Linda Press Wulf)
  • Small Damages (Beth Kephart)
  • The Lion Bible to keep forever (Lois Rock)
  • The Tragedy Paper (Elizabeth Laban)
  • Undercover (Beth Kephart)
  • The Wrong Boy (Suzy Zail)
  • I Capture the Castle (Dodie Smith)
  • Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery)


Edited books:

  • Het Evangelie van Jezus: wat is echt geloof? (The Dutch edition of John F. MacArthur’s The Gospel According to Jesus: What is Authentic Faith? Revised & Expanded Anniversary Edition, 2008)
  • De eeuwige straf (Robert Govett’s Eternal Suffering of the Wicked and Hades)



Commissioning parties:

- Buitengewoon Concept
- Stichting Chaïm
- One More Question
- Stichting Frieda
- TNO.

Publishing houses:
- Boaz Multimedia
- Karmijn
- Maatkamp
- Plateau
- Royal Jongbloed
- Stichting Middernachtsroep.

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